Embraces the passion and soul of Italy’s superlatives in life and living.
Lisa Corti Tableclothe at Hotel il Pellicano
Issimo x Aquazzura flat sunshine yellow, lifestyle fashion
ISSIMO X Rivolta Carmignani Stripes Yellow & White Beach Towel, hotel souvenirs
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ISSIMO X LIDO’s Cocktail Inspire Capsule

We teamed up with Lido to create a summer bathing suit capsule inspired by the colors of our favorite Italian cocktails. A negroni in warm ambers and a spritz in pinky-orange gradients. Cin-cin to summer!
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AN ISSIMO X La DoubleJ Weekend

We celebrated the ISSIMO X La DoubleJ collection of summer dresses and summer sportswear in high Italian style. Bring a piece home for sea or city!
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The Latest ISSIMO X Lisa Corti

Our seasonal collaboration with Lisa Corti, discover our latest linens in florals and summer stripes that take you to the Argentario Coast.
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ISSIMO X Aquazzura

Our latest summer collaboration has landed at ISSIMO! Discover the ISSIMO X Aquazzura capsule for sandals in colors that take you straight to the costiera.
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An ISSIMO Hotel Gift Shop

Our ISSIMO take on hotel memorabilia from our iconic properties. From towels to totes to bed linens, Pellicano dreaming starts here.


FICHISSIMO /from fico adj superlative/ Unfathomably hip: Hotel Souvenir Shop


BUONISSIMO /Outstandingly delicious: Food & Kitchen Accessories


BEAUTISSIMO / Absolutely beautiful: Feeling good & looking good.




Did you know there's a volcanic island off the coast of Sicily that acts as a beautISSIMO natural spa? On Pantelleria, you'll discover natural hot springs and a heart-shaped lake so mineral rich that visitors can pack the mud onto their skin for a natural skincare experience. This is Lago di Venere! The lake of Venus. Images courtesy of @ludotof @massimorecalcati
We're saying buongiorno with breakfast - our ISSIMO colazione box arrives with the ideal buonISSIMO ingredients to start your Sunday. And they come in our classic @hotelilpellicano tote bag too!
Bikini or full-piece? Spritz or Negroni ? These are the summer’s important questions and your ISSIMO x @lido_etcetera selections! Introducing our latest swimwear collab, designed to soak up every ounce of Italiano summer.
Staying hydrated over summer has never been so bellISSIMO! Discover all the @bitossihome blown glass tumblers, a beautiful addition on your Italian-inspired table settings.
Your perfect summer sole mate: the ISSIMO x #AQUAZZURA collab in raffia.
Spritz or Negroni? Consider this a hint for something new arriving this Saturday… cc @lido_etcetera 😉
We're not only sending you every Amatriciana ingredient you need, this box set from @daenzoal29 comes with Chef Roberto Di Felice’s personal recipe! Bring some buonISSIMO to your tavolo.
From patrons of the arts to titans of industry, agricultural game-changers and fashion tastemakers, Italian families have shaped the history of the country, not just within its borders but in the minds of people around the world. Today, we're introducing you to five superlative Italian families via the link in our bio.
We’re head over 𝓉𝒽𝑒𝓈𝑒 ISSIMO x @aquazzura 𝒽𝑒𝑒𝓁𝓈! Transport yourself directly to @hotelilpellicano this season:

Aquazzura Founder and Creative Director @edgardoaquazzura and @marielouisescio, Creative Director and CEO of Pellicano Hotels and founder of #ISSIMO have teamed up to create a summer capsule collection in shades of bougainvillea purple and lemon yellow … or a raffia version for some Mediterranean sexiness.

The seaside season is almost upon us and we're getting ready with one of our favourite swimwear brands: @lido_etcetera. The chicISSIMO suit features geometric straps in a beautiful pomegranate hue.
BellISSIMO master #GaetanoPesce designed this vase as a nod to one of Italy's quintessential ingredients: spaghetti. The statement piece gives a subtle nod to Italian design history while packing a colourful punch in your home!


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