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Introducing Beautissimo, ISSIMO’s beauty secrets in one place!

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Beautissimo: from beauty, adj, Italian superlative/ Feeling good and looking fabulous.

Benvenuti a Beautissimo, the ultimate in Italian bellezza (beauty)! Beautissimo is ISSIMO’s newest category dedicated entirely to wellbeing and beauty. We’re thrilled to introduce you to our curated selection of our favourite beauty products  – from scrubs, bath milks and perfumes to exfoliants, cremes,  and more for superlative selfcare, primping and love – all inspired by and made in Italy

On Beautissimo, we’ll let you in on the wonders of la bellezza italiana (Italian beauty), whose dual focus is  feeling good, as well as looking good. We’ll share our exclusive insider Italian beauty secrets, tips and suggerimenti. And our number one piece of advice above all else – make sure to take any and every opportunity to coccolati, treat yourself!

Beautissimo has your favourite Italian beauty brands

Our line-up of  beloved Italian beauty brands includes Terre dei Papi, the high-end organic sustainable skincare brand utilizing 100% Italian Donkey Milk from Maremma, Tuscany. Infamous beauty Cleopatra, and empresses Poppea and Messalina bathed in it to preserve their youth, and we absolutely covet it.  

The incantevole (enchanting) profume of LabSolue bring to life incredible artisanal scents by Milan-based sisters Giorgia and Ambra Martonem who love for fragrance runs carries on artisanal traditions from Martone family cosmetic business.

Parco1923 celebrates the beauty and nature of a walk in the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise in two perfumes and beauty products inspired by the scents of rare and delicate plants that grow freely and protected in the historic national park. 

Math, nature and beauty add up to I Numeri Primi, the organic beauty line by Letizia Benini Galeffi, pharmacist from Florence’s 250 Antica Farmacia Galeffi. Gorgeous minimalist packaging with easy-to-remember numbers as names, I Numeri Primi equates to argan oil, moisturizing creams, hyaluronic serums and more.

ISSIMO shares beauty secrets

Along with our beloved Italian beauty brands, we’re sharing our favourite alluring recommendations. Italian beauty secrets run in our blood, many passed down from generation to generation thanks to our illustrious mamme, nonne e bisnonne (moms, grandmothers and great grandmothers), who set the bar high for glamour and gorgeousness.

Italian beauty extraordinaire, ISSIMO’s Creative Director Marie-Louise Scìo, has always kept it simple, using natural ingredients to keep her model looks flawless. She recommends incorporating salvia (sage) for brushing gorgeous white teeth and a soothing deep conditioner pack made from a mix of olive oil, yogurt and olio di mandorle (almond oil) to help lock in moisture for dry hair.

ISSIMO’s radiant Editor, Erica Firpo, also keeps things low-maintenance and ecological, recommending various fai-da-te (DIY) remedies including  the incredibly curative olive oil for nails, coconut oil for dry hair ends, raw potatoes for under-eye circles and egg-white based masks to liven up both hair and skin.

Giada Mariani, Assistant Creative Director at ISSIMO, names chamomile as her go-to for calming eye puffiness as well as lightening hair, along with a deep conditioning pack of flaxseed oil to help dry hair. She also suggests laughing often to brighten the face and a touch of curlers to make hair beautiful.

Regina Lastrucci, ISSIMO’s Product Development, was also given sage advice on chamomile from her grandmother. For blondes, a rinse with this delicate flower once a week helps lighten the locks.

ISSIMO’s Graphic Designer, Martina Battison, has her grandmother’s secret to share as well. Each night at bedtime, her grandmother taught her to gently pat and massage eye cream in the under-eye area to help the skin absorb moisture and prevent wrinkles.

While grandmothers always have the best beauty secrets to share, so do their friends! Such is the case with ISSMO’s Brand Consultant, Margherita Crotti, who was given some sound advice from her grandmother’s friend who lived in the Appennini Emiliani (Emilian Apennine mountains). Captivated by the woman’s radiant skin, she was curious what she did. The woman confided in her, telling her that each morning she vigorously washed her face with fresh cold water, leaving H2O on the skin to air dry. Margherita continues the tradition today, letting her skin drink in the cold water, following it up with hydrating cream.

Cleansing from the inside out and getting enough sleep are the fundamentals of great beauty according to Monica Isaza, Head of Special Projects at ISSIMO and we couldn’t agree more. She also recommends blocking out one day a week for self-care rituals: draw a bath with essential oils, herbs and flowers, don a face mask and hair mask, skip dinner and early to bed.

One of the simplest and most powerful cure-all beauty tips comes from Laura Cau, Assistant to ISSIMO’s Creative Director, who suggests hot water with lemon to help ease a stomach ache.

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