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Primal Scream: I Numeri Primi

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The Prime of Beauty

Prime numbers have fascinated people for centuries. Infinite, perfect, mystical. They remain true only to one and themselves. Euclid of Alexandria, in 1550 B.C., pioneered the study of these enigmatic figures in Egypt with written evidence in the Rhind Mathematical Papyrus. More than just maths, prime numbers endlessly unveil many of the world’s most beautiful mysteries. Nature’s graceful yet intricate code offers a limitless bounty of primes, creating never-ending foundations and unbounded patterns. Letizia Benini Galeffi, heir to the famous Tuscan pharmacy based in Montevarchi, Antica Farmacia Galeffi, has always been prime obsessed. Fascinated by the union between la matematica (mathematics) and la bellezza (beauty), her Tuscan-based skincare line, i Numeri Primi, launched in 2013. Her magical concoctions blend the beauty of serendipitous biological occurrences with solid and steadfast mathematical research, to form the purist and most innovative formulas for the body.

“The uniqueness of i Numeri Primi comes from the combination of mathematics, a great passion of mine, with nature and beauty,” Letizia tells us. “ I have always seen a spontaneous harmony in prime numbers and in nature, it is no secret that there is a very precise sequence of numbers found in flowers and plants. The most famous example is perhaps that of sunflower seeds, whose spiral follows the Fibonacci sequence. And then daisies, broccoli, cauliflowers…Pythagoras are essentially the mathematics of nature!”

From ancient pharmacy to contemporary wellness

To indulge in the splendour of Letizia’s handcrafted line of primary elements, one must remember the Galeffi family and their own fascination, throughout the generations, for developing the purest of potions to aid the physique. The family pharmacy opened in 1763 in Montevarchi, just outside of Arezzo and a century later, the now famous fizzy lemon digestive, Effervescente Galeffi, was created. The Galeffi tonic remains a cherished effervescent Italian remedy for tummy troubles even today, found in many an alimentari (food shop) throughout the peninsula.

I Numeri Primi’s founder Letizia Benini Galeffi

The family business focused on the core values of creativity, research, innovation, and of course, a deep respect for the environment. As Letizia recalls, “Since I was a child I have been immersed in nature and art, therefore in beauty. Art is the pursuit of beauty and the expression of one’s soul, and Nature is pure beauty. I had an artist uncle, a mother who wrote poetry, and a father who was curious about everything. When I was little, my greatest pleasure was listening to their conversations. I didn’t understand much at the moment, but my childhood experiences later opened me up to a vision of life and the world that I rather like!”

Innovating Beauty and Self-Care

With great reflection on how to innovate beauty and self-care for the next generation while simultaneously incorporating 250 years of Galeffi experience, Letizia saw the intrinsic harmony in marrying nature and biotechnology. Thus, i Numeri Primi was born. The certified organic vegan skincare and body care line made up of about 20 products whose efficacy is on par with some of the most advanced cosmeceuticals. Each concoction has been developed using bio certified officinal plants, essential oils and active ingredients of vegetable and biological origin which have been thoughtfully chosen to ensure the maximum purity of the ingredients. Using technologically advanced procedures to reformulate each product, the entire i Numeri Primi line has been certified by the Italian Organic Agriculture Association (AIAB) whose regulations and requirements of organic and vegan products are far stricter than that of the EU. Even the packaging is eco-friendly, using carefully selected glassware to ensure the product is highly protected and 100% recycled FSC certified high performance paper for the labels.

Overview of I Numeri Primi beauty products range

The Quality of Beauty

For Letizia, quality over quantity is key. And while the products may be eternally pleasing, there is a limit on how many she’ll create. “I certainly want to avoid a line with too many products, in which it becomes difficult to navigate. I embrace the concept of simplicity, which facilitates consistency in use, and therefore in results. Too much of everything does not work for me.”

But just how does she select a prime number for each product? A mystical process at best, Letizia explains that she follows “a sort of progression, which is not necessarily linear. Certain numbers were given to the same product – for example 13 and 43 – because we developed different fragrances for the same product. While 31, which was part of the line’s expansion, is a reference number for products which aid impure skin.

With 100% Italianissimo ingredients, Letizia’s unique line of supernatural products are sure to uplift and fascinate mind, body and soul.

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