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Cozying up with ISSIMO cashmere

Explore the culture, history, and tradition of cashmere in Italy,
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Getting cozy in cashmere

It’s that time of the year (and yes, it’s been “that” time for a while) when we spend most of our time cozying up at home, and there is no better comfort zone than cashmere. 

For centuries, cashmere has warmed the hearts and bodies of the world, but more recently, cashmere loungewear and accessories have taken over the fashion scene for their luxurious comfort, weather flexibility and unequivocally relaxed chicness.  And ISSIMO has the perfect pieces to keep you comfy with the softest and most luxurious cashmere line up. 

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The History of cashmere

Cashmere’s origin story starts high in the mountains of Inner Mongolia, in areas including the Gobi Desert, Afghanistan, China, Turkey and Iran, where fine-haired cashmere goats have been roaming for centuries.  In the 14th century, goat fleeces were used to make warm blankets and garments to protect from the harsh Himalaya winters. With the expansion of world trade routes in the 18th century, cashmere became a sign of wealth and fashion, and thus a coveted export to Europe and the New World.  

The tradition
of cashmere in Italy

Exports spread and Italy quickly became one of the largest producers of soft cashmere shawls. Today the tradition continues.  Italian artisans continue the centuries-old spinning and knitting techniques that transform the fibers into soft wool for sweaters, shawls and more.

Transforming wool to cashmere

What makes cashmere so precious and perfect for any season? A mix of its laborious harvesting process and low yield of quality fibers.  Throughout the cold months (where the mercury drops to -40!), the capra hircus’s coat grows thick, while under its neck and belly are covered with lush hairs. By spring, the goats shed (or are combed or sheared), and it’s those very long and fine hairs that are hand-sifted from the coarse hairs to make cashmere wool. Fleece is only harvested once a year and approximately 150-200 grams of undergroat are obtained from a single goat each year.  It takes approximately four years to source enough fibers for a single wool sweater – a limited quantity of the utmost highest quality.

ISSIMO’s exclusive
cashmere products

ISSIMO launches its exclusive line of cashmere sweaters, loungewear, home goods, and more that will make working, learning, or relaxing at home all the more comfortable and stylish.

ISSIMO has launched an exclusive collection of cashmere, made with selected mills and artisans for the best of Italian cashmere. Starting with the 1 kilo cashmere sweater made from a kilo of cashmere, it’s the ultimate curl-up-at-home or brace the cold sweater.

We wear it with the matching ISSIMO cashmere pants,

CHICISSIMO and so cozy.

The ISSIMO Pantheon Blanket

Not your typical souvenir from Roma…the ISSIMO Pantheon blanket inspired by the coffered roof of the Pantheon, made from the softest Italian cashmere.

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