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Father to Daughter, an interview with Roberto Scìo and Alberto Biani

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From Cradle to CEO

Fathers and daughters, there is some special and unbreakable about the bond between a dad and his girl. Give it some growing room and watch it evolve into determined, successful and unbeatable business alliances that push the limits and evolve the world as we watch. Case in point: Marie-Louise Scio, who took the helm as Creative Director of Pellicano Hotels in 2007, and Angela Biani, who came on board as Art Director for Alberto Biani in 2012. Separately, each woman has extended the boundaries and gone of the maps to unleash worlds of their own and together they’ve collaborated for ISSIMO x Alberto Biani.

ISSIMO sat down with Roberto Scìo of Pellicano Hotels and Alberto Biani of the eponymous clothing label to talk about what it’s like being the agents of change through incredible father-daughter duos.

Marie-Louise Sciò and her father Roberto Sciò
Angela and Alberto Biani

Looking at yourself and your daughter, what are your similarities? What are your differences?

AB: Our reasons of inspiration and the reference models unite us, sometimes on my part there is more repetitiveness in proposing certain stylistic elements while Angela is faster in the changes.

RS: The only difference is the anagraphic age.

From Father to Daughter:  what was it like handing over the directing duties to your daughter? What were the difficulties?  What was easy?

AB: Different years, in my situation there was no “beauty”, functionality prevailed over everything. For Angela, getting closer to aesthetics was more natural. Perhaps the synthesis of what we tend and try to represent unites us and the final result is almost the same. An apparent irrationality characterizes me, while for Angela being rational is the point of departure and arrival. What it produces always interests me and I like it. I can let what I have been doing for so many years carry on.

RS: It was so natural.  It was absolutely no problem. To me, it was a flow of energy passing to another energy. I was happy. It has been such a joy.  It’s very difficult to be a parent, because there can be competition to be more successful, to be better but with her, there is no competition.

Models in Biani captured by Peter Lindbergh for Vogue Italia 1996

Your daughter has brought her own style to the brand – how would you describe it in relation to yours?

AB: Angela is more harmonious and feminine while my style is more rigorous.

RS: It is important that new blood does what they do. It is important to let the power, the creativity flow. Let people express their ideas is the company philosophy and that is what Marie-Louise does.

It’s easy to be a proud father.  Which decisions of hers/direction she is taking have made you the most proud?

AB: Not so much the single decision, but the ability to have a general vision that is more difficult to complete the creation of the stylistic design.

RS: I don’t know.  She is simply a fantastic human being. 

Angela and ML in our ISSIMO x Alberto Biani collection

Were there any moments when you felt like you wanted to say something or intervene, but decided to hold back? Are there any approaches or directions you would have done differently?

AB: She is more meticulous and her vision makes her fussy, so I have to leave it to her to work out all the details.

RS: We have the same feelings, our detector to detect energy, it is the same.The Birkenstock moment was funny, I said “are you crazy?!”  And look what she did.

What are the characteristics, methods, ways of doing things that women bring to the table vs men?

RS: I was born with the telex, the fax. She with the smart phone.  Women are more reliable, men become competitors. Men put less energy – they’ve lost the desire the desire grow.   Because of this and the fact that women still have to fight for what they want, makes women much better than men, they have pure energy and they are more thirsty to grow.

Like fine wine, generations keep getting better- how do you feel about that?

RS: We should be happy, extremely happy to see other humans doing better and capitalizing on what we did.

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