Embraces the passion and soul of Italy’s superlatives.

Where to See Art in Italy This Fall

The 59th Venice Biennale, Arsenale, Italy

Add these ColtISSIMO exhibitions to your calendar

Venice: The 59th Venice Biennale

Art part of culture net, The 59th Venice Biennale, Italy
The 59th Venice Biennale, Italy

Padova: Futurismo 1910-1915. La nascita dell’avanguardia

Futurism (1910-1915) the birth of the avant-garde
Italian Magazine, futurism 15th jan 1933-coltissimo

Milan: Max Ernst

Max Ernst, Oedipus Rex 1922 Olio su tela, Palazzo Milano, Italy
Max Ernst, la festa a sellains, 1964, olio su tela

Rome: Pasolini Pittore

Pasolini autoritratto, col fiore in bocca
Pierpaolo Pasolini, Venice Film Festival, 1962. Italy.
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