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Talking creativity and ceramics with the Rome-based artist

Arianna De Luca Ceramics

We can never get enough of ceramics. From vases to pots, carafes to decorative objects, pottery offers a joyful, often unique way to add character to a space, bringing colours, textures and different shapes into our domestic lives and humble abodes.


Finding a new ceramist we love is almost thrilling – a promise of new, brighter things to fill our home with.


That’s exactly what we felt when we encountered the work of Arianna de Luca. A young, Rome-based creative, the artist is a kiln wunderkind, and one of the most inventive names of contemporary Italian ceramics today.


A glance at her pieces is all you need as proof: vibrant, audacious and quirky, each of de Luca’s creations transforms classic shapes into something fresh, elevating ceramics as a genre while offering a true feast for the eyes.


We asked de Luca a few questions about her craft, and what it means to her. Read on, then add a few of her works to your shopping cart – these are statement items that’ll last you a lifetime.

Tell us about your background. How did you become a ceramist?

Ceramics weren’t really part of my early career. I originally studied product design in Rome and London’s Central Saint Martins, then began working as an interior designer in London. It was only a few years into the job that I turned to ceramics as a way to bring my own touch to the projects I was working on – a vase here, a lamp there. I was drawn by the tactile, material aspect of the craft – it was more fun than spending the day in front of the computer working with interior design software!


Eventually I decided to move back to Abruzzo, where I am from, and spend some time in Castelli [a village famous for its ceramics] to learn from local masters and artisans. It was supposed to be a side project, until the pandemic hit, and I embraced the art full-time.

What was your first collection?

Folcloristica, which is on ISSIMO [alongside other collections]. It’s a four-piece series inspired by the Mediterranean and its villages, with my own take on it.

How do you approach your pieces?

I do a lot of research – visual, historical, photographic. I always try to recreate a mood, an atmosphere, with everything I make. The idea is to tell a story.

Arianna De Luca, Ramina vase Ceramics

And where do you find inspiration?

It’s a mix! Part of it comes from the landscapes, objects and decorations that have accompanied me growing up and that surrounds me. Part of it comes from my travels. I love incorporating the colours and motifs of cultures and places I’ve had the opportunity to explore.

Describe your style in three words.

Fresh, playful and bold. Sunny, too, if I can add a fourth one!

Do you design your items with specific interior spaces in mind?

Not at all. I look at my objects as single entities that can work anywhere. The most important thing for me is that they are able to express something – a feeling, a vibe – to whoever makes them their own.

What do you share with ISSIMO?

So much! The aesthetic, the mood, the curiosity, the mission to celebrate Italian creativity. I am stoked to be selling my wares on this platform.

Where will you be travelling next?

I have nothing confirmed yet, but I’d love to visit the Middle East. As for Italy: Sardinia. Not everyone knows that the island has an incredibly rich history when it comes to ceramics. I’d love to spend some time researching their artisanal heritage.

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