We’re loving the October summer but when we need to get cosy …. ISSIMO x @falierosarti Lucca scarf, esquistely soft, woven from the highest quality wool and silk, artisanally crafted with hand finishing, and entirely made in #Tuscany.  And of course, those stripes… #soISSIMO

Starry starry night every day and night with our ISSIMO x  @villeroyboch flatware set inspired by #Padova’s Scrovegni Chapel.
Centurion bookshops and coastal views, Trieste is one of Italy’s most spectacular towns and absolutely nothing like you expect. Explore Italy’s northeastern cultural keystone!! 

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#trieste #cityguide #visittrieste

Bookshop photos by @armandodemp
Mellow yellow 💛 Nothing quite like carbonara right out of the pan at our favourite @DaEnzo29 😋. Easy as guanciale, pepe, pecorino and inimitable yellow egg-yolks from a free range organic hen house in Viterbo (and handpicked by chef Roberto) 🥚 🥚  read all about Da Enzo  in Buonissimo!!

#soBuonissimo #soissimo

Che vuoi!?! 🤌🏼🤌🏼🤌🏼The hand says it all and Italian gesti are tops. 🇮🇹❤️ 🇮🇹Let your hands do all the talking with our Bruno Munari T-shirts featuring fundamental gestures from Munari’s brilliant Supplement to the Italian Dictory, the Bible of Italian hand gestures. Shop now in ChicISSIMO !
This week we're feeling inspired by Roman shapes and shadows, and chilly weather coming in. We can't wait to share what the ISSIMO team is cooking up... 
Photo: Franco Fontana I Rome, 1979
Perpetual calendar is perpetually cool and there’s nothing quite like Itlaian design, especially by agent provocateur Enzo Mari who transformed the simple design of everyday objects like a calendar into clever (and useful!) works of art.  Check out #Italy's very best in design on ISSIMO!

#sobellissimo #soISSIMO
Buon giorno! How's your Sunday looking, gorgeous?

📸Renata Boeck photographed by Slim Aarons, 1964
Did you know here are hundreds of local and regional card games  like Madrasso, Coteccio and Zecchinetta that each define a niche area of Italy with their rules and design of the #playingcards? Find out more ISSIMO. 🇮🇹Link in bio 🃏

#soBellissimo #SoISSIMO
Al vetro, macchiato, corretto ☕ How do you like your espresso?  We're steeped in #coffeeculture and  headed to #Trieste for a little history catch up on our favourite wake-me-up.  See what's brewing on ISSIMO by clicking our bio link ☕

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🦓🦓🦓 ISSIMO x @alberto.biani classic shirt in our exclusive-ISSIMO zebra print. It's that time of the week 🦓 

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ISSIMO x @AnnaLari.lightsdesign Queen is illuminating! With a unique design and exclusive yellow stripes, it's the perfect companion indoors and out. Entirely made in Italy. Visit more on BELLISSIMO.


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