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Free Standard Delivery on orders over 400€

Embraces the passion and soul of Italy’s superlatives.

The People’s Shoe of Italy

We delve into the history of Italy’s most famous sneaker brand, Superga

ISSIMO Superga Sneakers, Italian footwear chicissimo

If you asked us to name the shoe that most represents Italy, Superga would be it. Not a towering heel, a suede loafer, or a Capri-style sandal, but a sneaker. Usually white – though these days it comes in a plethora of colours – with a solid rubber sole and a casual silhouette, Superga has been part of our wardrobes for over a century, worn by just about anyone from kids to grown-ups, no matter their personal style.

Humble origins

Shoe factory superga, torino
Superga Italian poster. Tennis shoes

A myth is born

ISSIMO Superga shoes, italian made. Footwear, natural canvas
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