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The Friendship Inheritance

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Great friendships are like Stonehenge. They can come from who knows where, be completely confounding while extremely reassuring, take on different meanings over time and definitely last forever. These are the friends who read your mind, know and love your idiosyncrasies, and are always there for you wherever you are in the world and in your head space.  Long lasting and life changing, these amazing friendships can pass through generations.

The inheritance of a great friendship

More than relationships, these iconic friendships are an inheritance of love, giving and sharing whether it’s a secret, a joke, a tip, an idea or an attitude… make up, clothing, jewelry, workouts … Just like an heirloom, epic friendships and those beautiful gifts that come with them – whether it be an expression, a way of doing something or even an actual physical object – are passed down and around to other friends and to family. An uplifting trickle down so to speak or let’s call it what it is – Love.

Marie-Louise Sciò wearing Pomellato shot by Giada Mariani

Love is all you need

Love is all you need, and we know that now more than ever. Family and friendships, puppylove and passions, whatever the love, it’s timeless. As Pomellato launches on ISSIMO from the day before Valentine’s Day and in the period leading up to Women’s day, we celebrate love in all its forms, and most importantly, the generations of friendship. ISSIMO has chosen Pomellato’s Iconica gold band ring and bracelet to represent love through the unbreakable bond of friendship.

Jewellery has long been known as a container for memories. Rings passed down in generations tell family stories, and as jewellery captures histories, it captures the beautiful moments of friendships.  A sparkle reminds of an afternoon laughing with your dearest friend, the soft harmony of bangles brings you back to a night out, a gold band reminisces on the unbreakable bond of friendship.

“So much of our stories are in these rings,” Marie-Louise tells as her fingers wrap around two Pomellato Iconica gold bands, rings she has never taken off since the very first day she slipped them on her finger more than two decades ago. Her two Iconica are daily reminders of friendship and love.

Introducing Iconica by Pomellato

Marie-Louise was first introduced to Iconica and Pomellato at age 19, when her best friend Cecile Leroy showed her an Iconica ring gifted to her by her nonna to commemorate the new millennium Y2K. Captivated, Marie-Louise immediately traveled to Florence to visit the Pomellato boutique and was mesmerised by Fedona, creative and classic gold bands that looked like sculptures wrapped her finger.  (In the years to follow, Fedona was reinterpreted into the Iconica collection, a collection inspired by 1970s designs from Pomellato’s archive.) Overtime, Marie-Louise added a second Pomellato ring to her hand, and just like a best friend, these rings have accompanied her in every moment and stage of life.

Photo courtesy of Pomellato

“Moments of our friendship are immortalized in these bands. I look at them and see laughter, love and adventure –  all gifts that I share with my family, other friends and more. Friendship is an inheritance that keeps going.”

Golden Girls and Galentine’s, there is a reason why we loudly celebrate our female friendships because they are great and funny and heartbreaking and loving, whether your best friend from college, your sister, your mother, your daughter, your neighbor, your teammate, your co-worker.  And in honor of women and the amazing gifts they share, Pomellato for Women celebrates female solidarity against patriarchal systems that seek to overturn legislations for women’s issues and civil rights through a video series featuring icons like Jane Fonda and Tiffany Haddish who use their platforms to spark conversation about social justice causes.

Thank you for being a friend.

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