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Embraces the passion and soul of Italy’s superlatives.
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The Enigmatic History of Italy's Tarot
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Discovery of the Month: Le Tre Sarte

Meet the Roman brand making bespoke tailoring cool
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How to Dress Like an Italian Woman During Fashion Month

Your ultimate guide to ChicISSIMO dressing!
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The Enigmatic History of Italy's Tarot

Ever wondered about tarot? We tell you everything you need to know!


FICHISSIMO/ Unfathomably hip - Hotel Souvenirs


BUONISSIMO / Superbly delicious - Food & Cookbooks


BEAUTISSIMO/ Outstanding skincare – Selfcare & Grooming






Today, we honour the wisdom and love that our grandparents bring into our lives. They are our greatest inspirations, our most special people, and the keepers of cherished memories. ⁠
Their smiles, accompanied by the beautiful wrinkles earned through a lifetime of experiences, hold a special place in our hearts. And let's not forget the privilege of savouring their delicious homemade meals! ⁠
1- 📸 @italysegreta ⁠
2- 📸 @pastagrannies⁠
3- 📸 @valenonvale⁠
#coltissimo #festadeinonni #nonnaitaliana ⁠
Sip, savor, and celebrate - it’s International Coffee Day.
At ISSIMO, we’re all about embracing the essence of Italy, and what better way to start your day than with a real Italian coffee?
#buonissimo #internationalcoffeeday #caffè
Looking for statement pieces for fall? Issimo got you covered! Le Tre Sarte is a made-to-order independent brand which blends classical techniques with modern-day aesthetics. And we absolutely adore the bespoke tailoring of the garments. Head to to discover all the gorgeous garbs! 

#chicissimo #letresarte #bespoketailoring
We know a thing or two about good wine and 'tis is the time to pop open a bottle of vino and spread the love! May we suggest our Il Pellicano Coasters for extra glam? Salute!⁠
#fichissimo #aperitivo #aperitivooclock ⁠
Peaceful days starts by the pool. Care to join us at @mezzatorrehotel ? 

#fichissimo #mezzatorrehotel #italianvacation
Immerse yourself in the world of mysticism with @paranastudio's Maremma Tarot. Each card is a little piece of art which echoes Italy’s enchanting past and the mysteries of the ages through bucolic sceneries. ⁠
Keen to know more? Click the link in our bio and discover the mystical journey of tarots.⁠
#coltissimo #tarocchimaremmani #tarotreading
Il cibo è una delle più grandi gioie della vita (food is one of life's biggest joys) and how good is the focaccia? Golden and crispy, focaccia genovese is essentially an institution in Liguria’s capital, Genoa. ⁠
📸 @lapanzapiena⁠
#buonissimo #foacaccia #focacciagenovese
The new collaboration between @lgrworld and @issimo introduces statement piece the "Marcello", which reflects the elegance and bold style of Italian actor, Marcello Mastroianni. The perfectly smoothed thick acetate sheet and purple-tempered mineral glass lenses give a truly strong character to this iconic model. ⁠
#ISSIMOxLGR #EndlessSummer
Cibelle brings a modern twist to classic Italian ricamo. Their secret? Premium Italian linen meets centuries-old techniques to create charming pieces that tell stories through stitches. From nature-inspired designs to Puglia's trulli magic, Cibelle's creations add a touch of Italy's playful elegance to your life.⁠
#bellissimo #ricamo #ricamoitaliano
We know that Italian women have an uncanny ability to make everything look effortlessly chicISSIMO, and we are absolutely innamorati of how they fusion statement pieces, prints and monochromatic colours. 

Feeling inspired? Click the link in our bio and embrace the art of la dolce moda!

#coltissimo #modaitaliana #italianfashion
Whether you're lounging with a coffee, flipping through glossy tomes, or escaping into thrilling stories, let literature be your getaway. ⁠
Planning an Italian escape? "How to be Italian" by Maria Pasquale is your must-read! It's a fun 200-page guide to all things Italian: living, eating, dressing, and more. Maria's love letter to Italy will make you fall in love all over again.⁠
⁠#coltissimo #italianculture #italianlifestyle
As the leaves turn golden and the air crisps up, a classic fall treat of the Bel Paese takes centre stage in the country's kitchen. Fig is the quintessential element of each region's cuisine, let it be paired with gorgonzola in the north, stuffed with walnuts in central Italy or covered with chocolate as the infamous dolce of the south, Fichi al Cioccolato. ⁠
This little sweet gem is the treat you should enjoy right now!⁠
#buonissimo #fichi #figobsession #autumntreat
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